Dream Cars at the High Museum of Art

Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas

… [We] dream of cars that will float and fly, or run on energy from a laser beam, or travel close to the ground without wheels. Such research may border on the fantastic, but so did the idea of a carriage going about the country without a horse. 

From top to bottom:

  • General Motors Firebird XP-21, 1953
  • Lancia (Bertone) Stratos HF Zero, 1970
  • General Motors Firebird XP-21, 1953
  • Stout Scarab, 1936
  • Chrysler Thunderbolt, 1941
  • General Motors Le Sabre XP-8, 1951
  • Chrysler (Ghia) Streamline X “Gilda,” 1955
  • Tasco, 1948
  • Voisin C-25 Aérodyne, 1934
  • Buick Centurion XP-301, 1956

This collection of Dream Cars will be on display at the High Museum of Art from May 21st through September 7th in Atlanta, Georgia.